Breakfast or Not

All around it makes a difference to make a homemade breakfast; whether for yourself or for someone else. You save money, it’s appreciated and a great boost for the day!! The “Fast Food Diet” is trash as my teenager would say and all this “quick food” is missing so many important nutrients…vitamins, minerals, how about Amino Acids which are the building blocks for a healthy growing body including your HAIR!!

A prayer I’ve always had was “God make me the mother and the wife that my family needs me to be.” My son has a number of food allergies and in my meditation my mind started to wonder. Was he getting the nutrients his body needs? Since he has such a restricted diet?

I did go to a professional but we all were given a measure of wisdom right? I started to research different foods and saw that many foods that helped with growth were in foods that he could not eat…beans, nuts, fish! Then I looked up alternative foods that supplied a sufficient amount of a particular nutrient and was surprised to find affordable alternatives that didn’t even come to mind…sunflower seeds, chia seeds!!

Now I was EXCITED!! And what made things better was he actually enjoyed the foods and understands the importance of maintaining a well balanced diet.

In the end cereal every morning will not cut it. You will have to sacrifice time, sleep, energy but that what comes with “being the mother, wife, person…God has called you to be.

Chef K 👩🏾‍🍳

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes w/ sliced Bananas

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