Hair Extensions!!

Are you thinking?? Have you always wanted to but have been too afraid?? Well today I want to share some different hair extension techniques.

There are many ways to enhance your hair or to try something different and it can be done safely! Here are a few techniques that I have experienced:

Clip-ins – The weft hair is attached to clips and snapped into the hair, usually in rows along the head. Very temporarily, can be taken out and put in daily or left in for days at a time. Purchase or have made.

Micro Link Tracks – Similar look and flatness achieved with clip-ins, however micro beads are attached to natural hair and weft hair is sewn unto the micro beads.

Micro Links

Brazilian Knots – Individual pieces of extension hair is attached to the natural hair with elastic thread. Natural hair used to cover the Knots. Versatile as micro links except longer lasting.

Weaving/Sew-in – Natural hair (hair on head) is braided and weft hair is sewn unto the braids. A few rows can be installed or the entire head can be completely braided an sewn.

  • Closure – Piece that is sewn on top of the head. Allows all hair to be covered but creates a natural part that resembles the scalp. All natural hair is braided and weft hair is sewn in to cover the remaining braids.
  • Frontal – Piece that is gelled/sewn across the front on the head, from one ear to the other. Very versatile, resembling the natural hairline and scalp. All natural hair is braided and weft hair is sewn in to cover the remaining braids.

Wig – Full unit. Can be sewn to natural hair that is braided or secured on hair that is pulled back. An elastic band and/or wig clips hold the unit in place on the head. This method gives the option to remove and replace the unit at any time. Convenient and versatile.

I’d have to say that wigs are my go to right now. I can have fun and protect my hair while still being able to maintain a clean and healthy scalp. I think every lady should have a wig in their stash! And as mentioned before, all of the techniques can be done safely, with no damage. Make sure to consult a licensed cosmetologist and care for your hair properly.

Feel free to drop a comment or question below. For consultations please email me.

Thank you,


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