Obia Naturals

Coming to you today with another product review! Obia Naturals is a hair care brand that is natural, vegan and pH Balanced. The founder Obia Ewah, is the formulating chemist for the brand and her brother, Omini Ewah is the co-founder.

The line is complete with shampoo bars, Deep conditioners, moisturizers, stylers…body products from oils to body butters…and the fact that it is pH Balanced and vegan is reason enough to try this brand. You don’t have many brands that  talk about pH balance, let alone a black owned hair care brand that formulates its own products! AND, the brand had products to choose from that are nut-free! 🙌🏾

Obia Naturals


I’ve tried all of the products and Babassu Deep Conditioner, The Curl Hydration Spray, Curl Moisture Cream and the Curl Enhancing Custard are my staples! I keep them stocked at the salon and at home. 😊


  • Curl Hydration Spray is great for light leave-in hydration, (hence the name) and especially great to hydrate braids,  twists and other protective styles.
  • The Curl Moisture Cream softens the thickest hair on contact! And coupled with the Hydration Spray its leaves hair moisturized and defined for days
  • Babassu Deep Conditioner is a protein-free conditioner that gives great slip and softness. Use a pre-poo to help soften and detangle hair and will even define curls…if you have too.

    Babassu Deep Conditioner
  • The Curl Enhancing Custard is a product of its own! There is NO other product like it. It’s not a Gel or a cream. It’s a curl enhancing custard. Its gives the best hold and definition. IMG_3007
  • You can use it for braids, for twist-outs, coils and ready?! Edges!! 😃 Yes! This is the ONLY product that I have tried that actually holds down edges for more than a minute to two. 😂  It actually holds all day. And  it smells like roses!! 🌹

Obia Naturals…Hospitable Beauty Approved! Check out my video! 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Louceta Hodge says:

    Where can I purchase the Obia products


    1. Kenyada says:

      Hey, forgot about that. I ordered directly from the website. Not sure if they’ve made it throughout Boston yet.


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